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      SCANNED March 18, 2018

Notes from Russian Ladies

Elena  (Elena2063)
I love art and drawing is my favourite hobby. Everyday this week in the evening I spent drawing a picture. It is very relaxing and rewarding.
Mar. 17
Anna  (Anna1068)
I went out with my closest friend yesterday to the cinema. We really enjoyed the movie (I don't know name in English), but even much more we enjoyed to spend time together and gossip a little bit)))
Mar. 17

Natalia  (Natalia1205)
Me and my daughter Maria are going shopping today. We need to buy new sportswear and sneakers for her sports. I really enjoy to watch her play)
Mar. 17
Olga  (Olga1658)
What a pleasure to meet the new day with the sun shining. I am going to have my coffee and then to prepare myself for work. I feel like I have a great mood that could last the whole day !
Mar. 17

Why are Russian Ladies so desirable?
First, Russian ladies are some of the most beautiful women on Earth; they are not yet subverted by western media. They are traditional, down to earth and loyal.

Some western men think Russian Ladies want only a rich man to take them to a life of luxury. But they are not poverty-stricken or desperately seeking a way out of Russia. Russian ladies are looking for a good man. And western men are renowned for being good husbands, sober and reliable.

Age difference is not an issue. Traditionally, Russian Ladies prefer to marry men 10 to 15 years older than themselves. They view older men as more reliable, stable and secure.

Russian Ladies
…Are from Slavic ethnic ancestry, living in Eastern Europe. The name of Russia comes from the Kiev Rus. Rus is a Scandinavian word for men rowing boats on the rivers of eastern Russia. Most Russian ladies live in Russia but many live in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Others live around the globe with large numbers in the Canada, Germany, Israel and the United States. Russians are the largest ethnic population group in Europe.

Russian Ladies are mostly of the orthodox Christian religion. The Russian language is also the official language in Tajikistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.
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